One day I stepped into a puddle and disappeared


I have a beautiful son named Charlie. He is adorable. His laugh is one of the greatest sounds I’ve ever heard.

Being a mom is amazing. It’s challenging, it’s life-changing, it’s beautiful, it’s confusing and it’s my favorite all at the same time.

After I had Charlie I went back to my old job part-time. It was great…until a few months ago when it stopped working out and I had to readjust – well, everything. It’s been a lot harder than I care to admit.

My alma mater has been calling me for weeks to update my information in their alumni magazine. I’ve been avoiding/putting off calling them. I finally did and they asked a series of very basic questions. Their last question, “What do you do for a living?” 

Pause. What do I say? Ummm…. I’m a babysitter? A barista? A stay-at-home mom who’s never actually home? 

I finally stumbled through a response and said I used to be an Administrative Case Manager, but now I’m a barista and a mom.

Why did I hesitate? Why did I feel a second of shame? Pride. Adverse effects of a glamorized society. A loss of identity.

While the enemy in my head tells me I have the career of a 16 year old, I am reminded that my identity is not found in what I do. I find it in Christ. It is not found even in my beautiful boy, it is found in Christ.

Faithfulness makes what I do honorable- not embarrassing. I can pour my life into my son and the two little ones I babysit throughout the week. I can be positive and upbeat and honest when I’m making people coffee.

I’ve been reminded of these things lately and I know it’s my attitude that needs to change, not my job or my status.

Appreciate where you are. Be faithful to the task and the job you’ve been given. Christ can use you when you least expect it.


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